The Environment

Birds are hatched from our own on farm breeding stock and reared in barns where they are free to fly in an environment that is as natural as possible.

Stocking densities within the barns are managed to ensure that the birds have plenty of space to express natural behavior, and we have stocking densities that are recommended by DEFRA .

Quail dislike cold, damp conditions typical of the English climate and so the temperature and air quality within each house is monitored to ensure that the birds are kept warm, dry and comfortable at all times.

We have a veterinary health plan in place across all the farms to ensure best practice, and undertake regular preventative measures to assist in the prevention of disease.

Our Quail are fed on a carefully balanced diet , and the birds are encouraged to grow at a natural pace . Their diet is based on natural ingredients with appropriate vitamin and mineral supplements.

When the time comes for the birds to be processed they are taken quietly from the houses in our specially adapted transport to our purpose built, BRC approved, production facility, where they are processed under the watchful eyes of a vet provided by the FSA.