Quail Meat

Quail meat is becoming an increasingly popular source of protein in the UK, as it is a lean meat and low in fat. Its popularity has been helped by its use in some of the best restaurants in the country, and also by many celebrity chefs, where it is regularly featured on our television screen’s on programmes such as “The Great British Menu”, “Food and Drink” and “Masterchef” to name but a few.

Quail although classed as a game bird, is available all year round, and is a fabulous alternative to chicken, turkey, and to wild game in season.

Fayre Game has been established for over 25 years, and we operate from the same farms that we started from all those years ago, so we are justifiably proud to be known not only as a local producer of fine foods, but also as a flag bearer for Lancashire produce distributed on a national level throughout the UK.

With that experience come the expertise to enable our team to deal with orders large and small, from the customer who wants a few birds for a special occasion, to a large order for a cruise ship in the Caribbean.